Join The Greek Wine Experience at Kefalonia, on a truly unforgettable experience and discover the diversity and the secrets of the indigenous Greek wines.

The Greek Wine Experience offers wine and food experiences at Kefalonia, which is considered to be as on one of the most distinctive and beautiful island in the world. Get the opportunity to taste excellent and unique wines coming from Greek indigenous varieties only. Last but not least, there is no other place cultivating the amazing Robola!

Kefalonia’s Robola wine will win you over.

Our mission is to offer you The Greek Wine Experience in a most fun and informative way as possible that may spark an interest in wine for you, or in case you’re already interested, a deepened curiosity to perhaps broaden that interest.

Discover a whole new world of tastes, aromas, flavors and senses! Get an understanding of the basics of wine in no time by getting familiar with basic wine terminology and understanding the differences between various types of wine, using simple tips and hints.

Get an understanding of the golden principles that help you select great wines to pair with all types of cheese and various types of food. Feel and taste some of the most famous Greek wine labels and enjoy a whole new world of tastes, aromas, flavors and senses!

Or, explore the most beautiful island in a wine tour of your own design, based on your preferences and special interests, and your own, tailor made wine-tour will be designed for you. Choose to fit as many sightseeing’s or other activities as you can from among the many in Kefalonia, or take it leisurely, you set the pace.

Join The Greek Wine Experience to uncork some of the most impressive wines of Greece, and let your palate guide your senses to the unknown flavors of the indigenous grape varieties. Choose between a private event at your villa or hotel, a small group gathering on a sailing boat or yacht and an open-air summit at the best wine bar in Ionian Sea.

Embark on a unique wine adventure, and live the best Greek Wine Experience you can have!

The Greek Wine Experience experts, love introducing visitors to the local food and wine culture, providing guests with in-depth information and secrets of Greek winemaking and Mediterranean Greek cuisine.

Join The Greek Wine Experience at Kefalonia and enjoy Greek Wines, Real Taste, Great Living!

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